Ted Bogosian

Ted Bogosian is an American-born documentary filmmaker. He traveled to Mardin 25 years ago to prepare the documentary, AN ARMENIAN JOURNEY.

Cengiz Candar

Cengiz Candar is a journalist and public intellectual, a personal friend of Hrant Dink, and a consistent civic voice advocating more open exploration of the past and consideration for the future. He has lived and worked in Lebanon  and is familiar with Armenian Diaspora sentiments.

About The Project

CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN is a series of travelling programs with a pair of celebrities – Armenian and Turk. In each program, the pair talks about their “personal journeys” dealing with historical and political tensions and their own views on the way forward. These programs are being held in various public spaces (schools, universities, radio stations, theaters, museums) in Turkey and Armenia, as well as in various European capitals. The overall objective is to institute systematic, sustained forums to transform the existing environment of misinformation and misunderstanding about the past and present.

The programs are videotaped and shared on this dedicated trilingual website in order to widen the audience and promote the beginnings of reciprocal understanding about the consequences of Genocide, especially in the run-up to the 100th anniversary.

The moderated forum offers an opportunity for those around the world to join the complex, personal discussions on a still dark, still hidden history.

The second series of CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN takes place within the framework of the programme  Support to the Armenia-Normalisation Process, funded by the European Union.

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